Future Rock releases 'One Day' on 1320 Records

Future Rock releases a new album ‘One Day’, out Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 on 1320 Records. Chicago’s electronic rock stalwarts Future Rock continue to pound out pulsating beats with the verocity of a 70′s era rock band.  Future Rock went back to basics when they sketched out the title track, ‘One Day’ - live synths, simple layering, key of D Major - that’s all they really needed. In many ways, the entire album follows this trend.

Even the more complicated tracks on ‘One Day’ have a basis in the organic, tonal, live synth methods from which FR emerged. 'Tranzmission' is a driving progressive house anthem, while 'Tremble' is pushing, yet cerebral and spacey composition.  The long-awaited studio version of the über-catchy anthem, ‘Reaching New Heitz’, finds it home on the new album, as well as FR's remake of The Chemical Brothers 'Midnight Madness'.

Brooklyn's Thibault has created yet another masterpiece with his banging remix of 'FM1000'.

Fanatic followers have long hailed the Future Rock arena-rock electronic sound. This six-track EP is the undeniable Future Rock feel.

'One Day' is available as a FREE download on both the 1320 Records and Future Rock websites.  If you can't wait til to you are by a computer, its available on iTunes and Beatport.

1320 Records (thirteen-twenty) is an independent label, founded by gut-punching beatmasters STS9, on the homegrown principles of collaboration, cooperation, and community. Future Rock is ecstatic to join the likes of STS9Prefuse 73Big Gigantic and Emancipator in the 1320 Records family.