Chicago's electronic rock stalwarts pound out pulsating beats with the veracity of a 70's era rock band.




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Future Rock has dedicated itself to being that rock n' roll arena band that rattles the walls of dance clubs. With its latest, Long Ago, the Chicago trio has crafted a batch of songs that will stick in your head well after they've moved your feet.
"We've always pushed the boundaries between rock and dance music," says the Chicago trio's keyboardist Mickey Kellerman. "With this album, there is a juxtaposition between tenses, our band name, Future Rock, and our album name, Long Ago. It symbolizes we're still thinking progressively with synths and electronic elements, but we're also looking back and delving into the art of songwriting."
Over a decade and through five albums, keyboardist Mickey Kellerman, bassist Felix Moreno, and drummer Darren Heitz have worked tirelessly to fuse innovations in electronic dance music with the power and majesty of rock. Throughout this musical journey, this trio of instrumental virtuosos has learned to set aside their egos in service of taut grooves, transcendent electronic textures, and serve-the-song simplicity. Future Rock is as skilled with loops, samples, and music technology as it is adept at playing classic funk and chops-oriented rock. Live, the band has merged stadium rock n' roll excitement with the most cutting edge nightclub theatrics to curate an experience that stimulates all the senses, including the prurient ones.
Long Ago is a career milestone for Future Rock. "After 14 years of doing this, we've learned to write strong songs and come out of the studio with something really polished and artful," Mickey confides. The band credits four aspects to shaping this masterful release. A new commitment to concise and traditional pop songwriting; DJ/singer/producer Tibaut Bowman's gifts as a producer, editor, and composer; allowing themselves the luxury to get great organic sounds from a professional studio; and the mesmerizing melodic gifts of singer-songwriter Anna Soltys who guests on four of the tracks.
Standouts on the seven-track album include "Long Ago," "Go With It," and "A Better Way." The title track is a breathtaking mid-tempo song with mellifluous female vocals and electronic pocket musicianship pared down to its dreamy essence. "That track floored me when I first heard it," confides producer Tibaut Bowman. "It's beautifully simple, it reminds me of an Air song." The band showcases its chops-y roots winding through the tricky meter shifts and thematic twists on the progressive house track "Go With It." The album concludes with "A Better Way," a composition that rises to a sizzle with well-paced dynamics, dizzying hooks, and disciplined groove playing.
The three visionaries in Future Rock joined forces in 2004. Felix and Mickey grew up rock fans, but while in college became obsessed with electronic innovators such as Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, and Aphex Twin, among others. "I remember when Mickey and I first started jamming. One day, he brought in a Nord Lead synthesizer and I was blown away by the possibilities," Felix recalls. The group didn't fully coalesce until Darren signed on. Previously to enlisting in Future Rock, he'd been studying progressive house beats, looping, and triggering samples. His well-developed musicality and his gnat's ass tight drumming transformed the group.
Today, Future Rock is considered both pioneers and purveyors of cutting edge dance rock. "After all these years we still love it so much," Felix says. Mickey adds: "Whether we're in the studio writing, or onstage, being in this band is meaningful in so many ways. We love connecting with the audience, seeing their smiles and watching them dance. Up there, everyone's worries melt away, and there is such a great camaraderie among us musicians and the audience."

Darren Heitz / Drums
Mickey Kellerman / Keys
Felix Moreno / Bass