Future Rock announces Music Video Project

In July 2009, Future Rock teamed up with award-winning filmmaker Damian Horan to create a duo of music videos for the songs Jesus Would Get the Bigger Speakers and Blink.

Jesus Would Get the Bigger Speakers is a surreal journey that matches the ethereal style of Future Rock's entrancing beats. When a beautiful young woman awakes to find her bedroom collapsing into a void of light and darkness, she must explore the world in order to find a way out.

Inspired by such visually stunning films as Across the Universe and Moulin Rouge, Horan really tried to capture a sense of abstract beauty in Jesus Would Get the Bigger Speakers.

Future Rock describes itself as electronic sensory overload. The video for its song, Jesus Would Get the Bigger Speakers, is visual sensory overload. The stunning 35mm visuals of the video add another sensorial experience to the multi-sensory joy that is Future Rock.

Jesus Would Get the Bigger Speakers has not been screened publicly and maintains its world premiere status. The video is currently on the music festival circuit and will be available for viewing following a successful run on the festival circuit.

To view a trailer of the music video please visit www.damianhoran.com/jesus

More information can be found at here.

Blink is a classic love story told in a very dark light. Inspired by the writings of Edgar Allan Poe, Blink shows that true love never dies. It is a juxtaposition of beauty and horror, love and loss.

The video will be available for viewing in a few short months, stay tuned.